Passing of Time

So this week has shown how time flies in three distinct ways. #1- My birthday. I wished for a “do-over” of last year but that didn’t seem to happen. #2- Capstone. Some of you have heard silence this week, some have heard screams. Both are a sign that I only have 3 days left to finish writing 2 of 3 papers for my capstone seminar. UNT calls it the capstone “experience”… who are they kidding? It’s still 3 research papers in 7 days. Ridiculous. And #3- I distinctly remember being a kid and my grandparents asking me why I was carrying rocks around in my pockets. The funny thing is, that doesn’t seem so long ago. Now, I have a daughter who comes home proudly showing off her collection of nature. I’m certain to find leaves in the dryer vent soon if I don’t start checking her clothes more closely.


One Comment to “Passing of Time”

  1. I used to put bugs in my pockets… look out Jeannie! 🙂 How did capstones go?

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