Technology is such a disappointment

Okay- I’m not trying to turn this blog into only ramblings about “the good ole’ days” but they do seem to be a frequent train of thought lately. Today I’m driving my little old pickup truck, thinking how beat up it is after 8 years, when I look down and notice that it’s about to hit 104,000 miles. Not a major milestone, but still a chance to see all those numbers roll over at one time. (Warning: this next sentence is going to prove just how idiotic I am.) It took me watching my odometer for 2 miles 103,997-103,999 to realize- “This thing is electronic! There will be no rolling of numbers… It’ll just be like my alarm clock in the morning.” I was SO disappointed. I immediately remembered the joy of watching major mile numbers flip over in the 1988 buick boat that was my first car. Will Abby never experience that? Is that something that is so completely of the past that references to it will just die out? How sad. I took a good five minutes today to grieve for my baby girl and all the fun she’s going to miss. Technology sucks. See Dean- this is just more proof that nothing really exists; turn off the car and you have no idea how many miles you’ve driven. At least with power windows you can still stick your feet out the window as you head to a barn party!

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