Home is where exactly?

For Abby- home is wherever this blue box happens to be. Perhaps she took to packing too well.

For Matt- home is wherever he is when he stops moving boxes and furniture.

For Me- home is not a physical place at the moment.
After only 5 weeks on the market, our house has sold. We closed yesterday, and as of tomorrow (or today if you look at the time I’m posting this) we no longer live here. This move has been incredibly bittersweet.
This house is where I lived when I had a miscarriage. Where I lived when I found out we were pregnant. Where we brought Abby home to for the first time. Where she learned to crawl, walk, talk, and play. This is where we painted every single room, some more than once. Where Matt layed floor tile for the first, second, and last time. Where we stomped on millions of crunchy leaves in the fall and then watched in awe as the trees bloomed every spring. This was home.

As I sat in Abby’s room for the last time I thought how unbelievably petty I am. This is nothing more than brick, wood, and lots and lots of paint. This is just a building. God has given us blessing after blessing this week and who am I to complain about giving up these four walls?
So, in honor of the new journey we’re taking, I’m going to count my blessings:
1. We know and love God.
2. He knows and loves us.
3. Our house has sold. In a terrible market. For a wonderful price.
4. We will have a brand new apartment in Denton. No repairs necessary.
5. We will be within 10 minutes of church again.
6. Matt has been offered a job in Denton.
7. I will be able to stay home with Abby next year.
8. We will be debt free.
9. I finished graduate school.
10. I’ve been offered the chance to teach a graduate course at UNT. One night a week. An amazing opportunity to stay in the profession while I stay home with Abby.
11. We have family willing to take us in for the next three weeks.
I’ve loved this house. I’ve loved making it a home.

2 Comments to “Home is where exactly?”

  1. Jeannie, maybe I’ve said this before, but you seem to have inherited your Mother’s gift with words, in addition to a very real gift of photography know-how! I would encourage you to consider trying out some ventures in journalism since you will no longer have a day to day commitment on your time. Love you all, granny

  2. I loved this post (and many, many others) because you capture the raw emotion many of us feel about home. I understand the sacrifice for the gain but the sadness that sometimes accompanies these changes.

    You are a beautiful writer and I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts that echo deeply with mine in so many crazy areas of life.

    ~Molly K.

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