I just saying you

Ahh… the joy of a completely verbal child. We are never bored listening to Abby talk. Just a few of her latest conversation pieces:

1. “I just saying you!” Translation: this is apparently what Matt and I say to each other when we’re trying to not argue… “I’m just saying…” So now Abby regularly says: “I just saying you”. This is normally used when we’re asking her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Smart kid.

2. “I go to sleep. I wake up. Then I go to the lake.” Translation: After nap time, Abby goes swimming. She calls the swimming pool the lake. That’s okay for now, but I’m not sure what will happen when she actually goes to the lake.

3. “Mas Abajo!” Translation: Um… too much Diego.

4. “I so sad I cry at church. Then I play with my friends.” Translation: we have a few teary minutes at church daycare every week. Eventually she plays though.

5. “I’m snuggle.” Translation: she’s ready to snuggle. This happens at random times of day and it’s always wonderful to hear!


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