Unusual behavior

Abby and I went for her 2 year doctor visit the other day (only 6 weeks late!) and found out a few interesting tidbits of information. Mainly that Abby speaks like a 3 year old and is the size of a 3 year old. Yep, she speaks in paragraphs and is officially 3 feet tall now… she’s in the 90% percentile of height and the 49% of weight. I’m pretty sure the dr would have said Abby acts like a 13 year old if she’d had a chart for attitude.

What does having a child who looks and acts a year older mean to me? That I was in fact pregnant for 2 years instead of the usual 10 months. I’m glad to finally have confirmation from someone else.

According to the checkup it’s also unusual for Abby (or any 2 year old) to enjoy eating raw peppers and onions… I offer the following photo as proof that she is related to granny. (Nope- that’s not an apple- it is in fact a bell pepper)

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One Comment to “Unusual behavior”

  1. bell peppers? gross!

    we always knew she was a genius. 🙂

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