Fourth of July

Christmas will always be my favorite holiday but I can’t deny that July 4th is a nice second. They take place in different seasons. One is a religious celebration and the other a state one. But in my opionion both are about the same thing: freedom. One freedom in particular. Freedom to choose Christ, freedom to deny Him. Christ gives us free will but I’m thinking it’s a lot easier to exercise that will here in America. So this weekend I spent a lot of time being thankful for both Christ and the USA.
Here are a few pics from our 4th of July:
Abby tried playing a little football:

We had a little picnic with all-American Capri Sun drinks:

Uncle Josh entertained Abby by letting her use him as a jungle gym:

A few dum-dum suckers kept us awake way past normal bedtime:

And of course, fireworks:


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