I’m currently in a funk. This has been brought on by the evils of: myspace (which I just explored for the first time this weekend), an upcoming 10 year high school reunion, some bad swimsuit photos from our Galveston vacation, and the realization that I’m not sure what my next professional move will be. Throw all of those together and you have a funk.

So after wallowing for 48 hours, I’ve made a plan. A defunking plan, if you will. It involves working out (quite a bunch), a 3 stage hair evolution (to be revealed later), and a personal photography challenge.

Part of the challenge is that I’m forcing myself to take new photos each day for 30 days. And they can’t only be of Abby. They don’t have to be brilliant, they just have to be new.

Here we go. Day 1: Denton’s courthouse on the square. I’ve given some thought over the years to why exactly I love this building so much. Nothing personally monumental happened there. I finally figured it out: it reminds me of Back to the Future. The movie which created my fascination with clocks and furthered my love of Michael J. Fox aka Alex P. Keaton. So even with the crazy birds roosting and flying around, I love this place.


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