so i’m driving along today and all of a sudden a college memory pops in my head. i don’t want to forget it again, so i’m putting it into print.

let me set the scene: once upon a time, april 2000 to be exact, my best friend and roommate keri and i had decided to move from our home at denton north apartments. denton north was lovely; 1000+ square feet for about $550 a month. however it did have issues: breaking and entering was a common problem as were bugs, creepy neighbors, creepy maintenance people, and strange smells. i digress. we had decided to move it on up in the world and to do so, we needed a truck. enter my amazingly wonderful albeit too trusting older brother. keri and i drove to his place of employment, went inside and chatted for a few minutes, exchanged keys and left with a promise to return the truck on sunday.

the beloved memory: keri and i arrive at the little blue truck. i unlock the doors. we both get in. seatbelts buckled. i look down. i look at keri. keri looks at me. keri looks down. keri looks back at me. “um, do you happen to know how to drive a stick shift?” i ask innocently. “nope” she says. i look back down. “well, okay. lets get going then” i say. and with quite a few stalls and several really loud screams from both the truck and us, we eventually make it back to denton.

my brother- clueless until sunday when i returned his truck. i mention that i got pulled over for running a red light. “why’d you run it?” he asks. “too scared i’d stall if i stopped” i reply. “oh” he says as understanding crosses his face and he looks around me to make sure the truck is still in one piece.

thanks again to both dean and keri for putting up with me.

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