Digging for Dinosaurs

Today Abby and I had a playdate with the Souders and the Vanderveers. It was such a great time. I’m amazed by both the kids and the moms. The kids: here are these little people whom I distinctly remember as babies. Where did the time go? The moms: Kristin and Heather are just the most incredibly calm, patient, effective moms I have ever seen. Although Heather is 30 weeks pregnant herself, I watched her sprint, and I mean sprint when Shep started swimming without his arm floaties. Kristin- she just handles 3 boys without even breaking a sweat and it amazes me. I love having women like these around me. They’re the type of mom I want to be: beautiful, fun, smart, and obviously loved by their kids.
As the moms had fun, so did the kids. Macy and Abby dug for dinosaurs while Logan, Ian, and Shep made a mess out of sand and water. Five kids between the ages of 2 and 5 and not one temper tantrum, tear, or scream. I’d say that’s a successful playdate, wouldn’t you?


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