That’s all folks!

Challenge complete. I’ve managed to take at least one new picture every single day for the last month. 30 times I’ve felt a little lighter after being behind the camera. Things I’ve learned about myself over the past month: I love macro photography, I seem to find paths interesting, and just walking around watching the light change is inspiring. I also have to mention that Matt may just be the most understanding, supportive husband out there.
I couldn’t end the challenge with just a random subject, so I used old faithful: Abby.

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3 Comments to “That’s all folks!”

  1. Don’t stop now, just because you made the goal of 30 days. We are enjoying your daily photos and your comments!

    And what a beautiful little butterfly that Abby has turned out to be. If only people could see all the butterflies that are hiding in the caterpillars…maybe they would cherish their little ones more.

  2. I agree! I hope you would continue.

    I have so enjoyed your daily thoughts. It has inspired me to think more about my surroundings, my life, and my God after reading your ponders and thoughts; and the photography is amazing! One of my favorites was the leaves that look like finger prints.

    Thank you for sharing a part of our soul; I cherish it and appreciate it.
    ~Molly K.

  3. What an amazing picture of Abby. I need to take lessons from you about taking pictures! You’re amazing. What a gift you have for capturing life!

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