Fashion Week

In honor of NY fashion week, I present two looks that will be popular in the Naylor household this fall:
The heart hoodie sweatshirt. Tried it on her during the wonderful cooler weather Tuesday, managed to get it off of her at the end of the ridiculously warm Wednesday. She seems to be a huge fan of the hoodie. Very excited to cover her head for some reason.

The pink hightops. Those who know and love me are aware that I don’t purchase pink items willingly. But these may be the cutest shoes ever. It doesn’t hurt that daddy has a black pair. If I buy some then we can be the Chuck Taylor-wearing Naylor family.

Unfortunately for Abby, she lives in Texas. So, here she is displaying her excitement that I let her wear her fall shoes with shorts!

One Comment to “Fashion Week”

  1. Baby chucks are awesome! We will all be sporting the chucks this winter. Sporty, yet comfy!

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