History 101

I’ve just finished reading The Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel. And I know he has written multiple books in the same format, but this one had a specific issue that hit me.

You know how you can hear something and think you know it but then there’s that one time that you hear it again in passing and you think, “Wait a minute- what did you just say? That’s amazing! Why haven’t I understood that before now?” That’s how I feel.

See there’s the case of Jesus Christ as a physical, historical person and his resurrection being argued. And all these scholars and intellectuals and skeptics all agree that there is an extraordinary amount of proof (outside of the Bible) that Jesus existed, died and was resurrected. I know I already knew that.

Here’s why I was dumbfounded:
Why do we (Christians) ever use the phrase, “You just have to have faith” when explaining or defending our beliefs? If there’s proof, PROOF, that Jesus lived and was resurrected, why does it seem so strange that we believe it? No one says “You just have to have faith that World War II happened” or “You just have to trust that Martin Luther King, Jr. existed.” Those historical events aren’t doubted, so why are we defending factual history concerning the life of Christ?

I don’t think I’m making the point I want to make… this isn’t meant to be a Bible argument, it’s much more personal… let me try again.
Why do I have a hard time believing that Jesus Christ really did die for me and that he really will be there for me in the end? Why do I struggle with the “meaning of it all”? Why do I ever wonder if I’m just talking to myself when I pray? How can I have all these doubts? How can I fall back on the “if only I could just SEE Him, it’d make it easier” argument? I’ve never once asked to see any other historical person to believe.

I just don’t understand how I can struggle with something that doesn’t require “faith” as much as “acceptance”. I don’t have to believe that Jesus lived and died for my sins; I just have to accept it.


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