So Matt Damon compared Sarah Palin in the White House to a “bad Disney movie.”

Here’s my two cents:
I like Disney movies. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re family-friendly. Maybe it’s the frequent lack of violence. Or the fact that I’m never really sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen. Maybe it’s the happy endings.

Maybe, just maybe, a Disney movie isn’t the worst thing that could happen to America right now.

3 Comments to “Politics”

  1. Well, I guess he is the expert because he is an actor. That seems to be the way it goes. Anything is better than Obama. McCain ain’t dyin anyway!!!

  2. So very true. We need a good movie with a good ending that the whole family can watch at the same time without being embarrassed. Maybe one with a hero…and it could even be a bit of a tear-jerker.

  3. I was completely shocked by that video, I posted it the other day also!! What a pig! You know that no one would ever say something so ridiculous about Obama!! It is just so sexist of him.

    I mean, is he trying to say that because she is a woman and has children she is useless for politics? Is he saying that a mother of 5 can’t possibly add anything to our country? I mean, serisouly Matt!! This coming from the guy that made ‘All the pretty horses’…seriously…

    Also, he had the nerve to attack her experience when she has way more experience then his buddy Barak. She has actually governed something, Obama has only voted on issues, he has never governed.

    Man, that video really diappointed me…

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