two very different things

i know these things are in no way connected, but why make two different posts?

1. today i curled up in a dark room with a pillow, blanket, and sleepless in seattle on tv. a perfect way to spend a rainy two hours.

2. as i was out driving on a busy road i noticed a firetruck with lights and sirens headed my way. i pulled over and watched it speed away. i know this is going to sound insane, but i love watching emergency vehicles on the road. i love that everyone stops worrying about themselves and where they’re headed and that all the cars pull over to the side of the road. there’s something beautiful in watching a line of complete strangers stop and respect that someone else is more important. this is not a new feeling for me. i’ve always loved this situation. i feel the same way about the funeral procession. when i see a line of cars with headlights on, and i watch others acknowledge that loss by simply stopping their commute for a moment… it just seems special. maybe it’s the community aspect, maybe it’s just following unwritten rules. i just know that i feel hopeful when i see it.

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