Disliking Dora

Abby is going through a Dora phase. Fine, I can outlive Dora. But in the meantime, I have a few issues with the creators. I realize that Dora was created before Diego, but still, didn’t she “arrive” around 2000? Not exactly the first cartoon character ever. So what’s with Dora’s outfit? Why does she have a pink shirt, orange shorts, and yellow socks? Why is her pink shirt just a little too short so that you see a line of belly when she stretches? Why is her head shaped like a football? And why, and this is the big one, why, when Dora and Diego overlap in episodes, is Dora’s head twice the size of Diego’s?

All I can think is that Dora is the cousin that is just a little bit off. The one you hope doesn’t come to the family reunion but of course she’ll be there. And you know she’ll follow you around the entire time.

Couldn’t the creators have made her a little more lovable? A little less mismatched? A little more of a normal sized and shaped head? Why did they do it? And who signs off on these sketches?

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One Comment to “Disliking Dora”

  1. so true!!!

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