Procrastination Equals Productivity

Here are my accomplishments today:

– a load of dishes

– 3 loads of laundry

– a grocery store run

– put Abby down for her nap on time

– cooked dinner and had it ready when Matt came home

– created the bow which I previously posted

– and made this perfect tutu (which will have to wait until the morning for Abby to discover)

Amazing that I did so much and still managed to not complete the one thing I needed to do: grading papers. I actually worked my butt off avoiding work.


2 Comments to “Procrastination Equals Productivity”

  1. ok so…can you make me 2 by our pictures on oct. 9 ;o) i love it!!!

  2. Very cute and very poofy and VERY PINK!
    What a great day you had!

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