Weekend Greatness

Some really good stuff happened this weekend, so here’s a recap:

– Abby and I spent fun time with good friends at Owen’s 2 1/2 birthday party.

– I managed to turn a giant pile of tulle into 3 adorable baby tutus. So yes, maybe I was making them for twins, not triplets, but I just wanted Jenn to have the best possible color combo she could for their pictures.

– My oldest niece Kristen turned 13… that means I’m the aunt of a teenager (now I’m bound to be old and uncool).

– I found a pair of new shoes that I absolutely loved and after trying to decide whether or not I should really spend the $ on them, I decided to go for it… only to find out as the cashier rang the shoes up that they were on sale— for $2.99. Nope, you didn’t misread that, I actually bought a pair of high heel shoes for $3.22 with tax included! The cashier was as shocked as you and I both… she immediately went to the back to see if she could find some in her size.

– Matt and I were able to sit at church yesterday and witness our sweet friend Heather get baptized. Baptisms always make me cry, but being able to watch as Heather- 9 1/2 months pregnant- confessed her love for the Lord had me bawling. Add on top of that the fact that our church is awesome and allows each person to choose whomever they want to actually baptize them (instead of requiring that a pastor perform the ceremony). So watching Heather’s wonderful husband David pull her back up out of the water was especially touching.

All in all, an amazing weekend.


5 Comments to “Weekend Greatness”

  1. How do you make those tutus??????

  2. So, update your blog or something. And, tell me how to make those tutus!!!

  3. Do you even read your comments? Am I wasting my time by posting? I will NOT tell you who I am until you tell me how to make a TUTU!!

  4. I would be perfectly happy to tell you how to make a tutu- if you’d just tell me where to send the directions!
    Goodness… who knew tutu’s could cause such hostility!

  5. Where do you THINK you should send the directions???? hahaha Being anonymous is kinda fun!

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