I spent last Saturday morning having brunch with the dorm girls. Six of us lived either as roommates, suitemates, or across the hall from each other my first year at college. We still manage to get together at least once a year and for nearly every major occasion- and this past weekend marked our 10 year anniversary together! Except instead of there being 6 people in attendance- there were 12… 4 tough little boys and 2 sweet baby girls joined us this year. I don’t think any of us imagined the day we’d be introducing our children to each other.

It was a good day. Never do I laugh so much as I do when I’m with these 5 women.

I swear we didn’t tell the kids they could only play with rocks… that’s just what they did.
And Cate made me overwhelmingly happy by flashing this face… a true copy of her daddy.


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