Box of Love

Tomorrow will be Matt’s 32nd birthday. We don’t have a whole lot of birthday traditions around here… every year’s celebration is different from the one before… but there is one thing I love. Matt’s first birthday after we were married- his 26th- I decided to write what I loved about him on a piece of paper. I wrote 1 reason I loved him for each of his 26 years, and then I stuffed them all into this little red box. Well, we still have the box, and as of tonight it now holds 32 things that I love about Matt.

To tell the truth, Matt probably thinks much less of this tradition than I do, but I take comfort in knowing that I’ve put into words how I feel about him. I love that each year I get to sit down and write out one new thing that makes my heart grow fonder. And I’ve got to tell you- any time I’m mad at him all it takes is a glance in the box to remember the good stuff.

I hope to continue this tradition every year for the rest of our lives… I hope I have to find a bigger box one day. Each year I pull all of the notes out and reread them… some are eternal things, some are more specific to that year of our lives, but all of them are examples of what a great man Matt is.

So if you’re in the market for a new tradition then consider creating a box of love for someone else.


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