Christmas Idea #1

Some of you out there like to get a head start on Christmas shopping… I understand the desire, I’ve tried to do it, I just can’t. I’ve actually been successful before- I had all my shopping done before Thanksgiving. Do you know what happened? I just ended up buying more things after Thanksgiving. I can’t not shop or make gifts or wrap presents in the month of December.

So instead of trying to do my shopping now I’m just going to start posting ideas for gifts when they come to me. I’m hoping by December 1st I’ll have a great list of presents and I won’t spend countless hours wandering helplessly through the stores.

Gift Idea #1

For Abby- boxes and boxes of band aids. The kid loves band aids. All sizes, colors, shapes. She sticks them on bruises, scrapes, perfectly healthy skin, and on every stuffed animal that has a loose thread. Perfect stocking stuffer. Immediately useful for any paper cuts that come from opening presents.

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One Comment to “Christmas Idea #1”

  1. brilliant. ian loves bandaids to….quite literally, our bandaids hold healing power, so its a good idea to have lots and lots of them. i’m kinda mean, and it got so out of control that now i only allow them when he’s bleeding. 🙂

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