Whirlwind Weekend

Why has it taken me nearly a week to make a single post? Because the past few days have been entirely too hectic. Here is a recap.

Thursday was Matt’s birthday. Unfortunately I had to teach class in Dallas and then I picked up my friend Anna from DFW around 10pm. Not much birthday celebration time.

Friday morning I said goodbye to Matt and Abby so that Anna and I could begin the roadtrip to Bandera. We got to San Antonio around 2, checked into the hotel, changed clothes and left for the start of reunion weekend. Nerves were so rampant that I actually burned my arm on the top of an iron. It’s a pretty big burn… not the memento I would have chosen, but it’s apparently going to stick around.

Friday night consisted of happy hour at the 11th street bar- found directly behind, across from, and diagonal from churches. Then several of us went to dinner where I almost punched a Frenchman. No really, a guy from France was there (what is he doing in Bandera, anyway?) and he was incredibly rude (talk about living up to stereotypes) and it took everything to hold me down. Then we headed to the homecoming football game where the high school students look much younger than I ever remember being. So we ditched after halftime and went to Bandera’s new wine and cheese bar. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Let me say it like this then: we went to Bandera’s new wine and cheese bar that is next door to the Family Dollar. There… that should clear up any misconceptions. Actually it was a pretty nice place. It’d make it somewhere like Denton, but I don’t hold much hope for Bandera.

Saturday started with a great breakfast and wonderful friends. You know how movies always show the outcast kids being super smart and cool 10 years later? Well, art imitates life. Among the 6 of us that went to school together, and a few significant others, we have some amazing professions, fancy job titles, and hilarious stories to tell.

Saturday ended with the official “high school reunion” which completely eradicated any remaining “funk” I had lingering. All I’m going to say is that Matt and I don’t have matching drink koozies and that makes me proud.

Sunday was a quick drive up I-35 and a stop at DFW to send Anna back home to Illinois.

Overall it was a good weekend. I caught up with some very cool people that I’ve always thought of fondly. And I became ever more appreciative of my husband and my life.

Only 10 more years till the next reunion… I should start getting in shape now!


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