A person for every pumpkin

We went to the Dallas Arboretum yesterday with a bunch of friends… all I’m saying is that there are a lot of stay at home moms in the metroplex, and apparently all of us are willing to sacrifice our sanity to let our children look at pumpkins.

I didn’t take many pictures… the 80+ degree weather kind of ruined my fall mood. But, here are a few to hold us over until it’s cool enough for an outdoor photo shoot.

Abby tried picking up most of the pumpkins… I feel sorry for whoever has to restack them each night!

Abby and Miller were both thrilled by the water fountains. Aren’t those little blonde heads cute?

Let me just say that trying to get three 2 year olds to pose for a picture is impossible. Unless you want photos of their little bottoms.


One Comment to “A person for every pumpkin”

  1. Too bad you weren’t there today with me and every other mother that wasn’t there yesterday! Maybe someday we’ll see each other again, and maybe then you’ll tell me how to make those tutus. Oh, and yes, you would have recognized me.

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