Halloween Fun

I’m not shy about admitting that Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday, in fact it’s probably the last on my list, but we had a pretty good time yesterday. The Village Church is great in that they encourage community relationships. The church provided a bounce house and candy for us at the home of our small group leader so that we could host a free block party for the neighborhood. It really was wonderful to just relax and get to know people instead of rushing around. By the way- Abby is convinced that Halloween is a birthday party for “Pumpkin” and the candy is obviously in lieu of a birthday cake.

It isn’t too shocking that this was Abby’s first time to go trick-or-treating, but many of our friends were surprised to hear that it was also Matt’s first candy quest. Matt didn’t celebrate the holiday growing up so I volunteered him to walk Abby and our friend Kurt’s son Josias (dressed as an adorable duck) up each walkway and lead the cry for candy. Kurt and I had a great time pretending to take pictures of Matt’s first Halloween! It did feel a little strange that only 2 of the 6 of us had ever gone trick-or-treating before… Kurt’s wife Lore has never been either but that’s because she’s from Argentina.

She is a cute cowgirl:

Even if she does look like she’s hatching some sneaky plan:

This is what she looks like when you tell her it’s still not time for the party (note the Scarlet Macaw cereal in hand):

Happy to learn that there is more candy present than she knew existed:

Have you ever seen a horse sit? Well this is what it looks like… much easier to eat the sucker while not walking around.


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