Help! I can’t stop…

making things! I’m pretty certain Matt thinks I’ve gone insane. The craft corner is quickly becoming the craft room… not a good thing to have happen in a small apartment. In addition to the usual hairbow craziness, today I managed to eek out two other projects. One is a set of baby gifts that I adore, but I’ll wait to post a picture until after I give them to the mommy-to-be, and the second is my new favorite thing ever.

Drumroll please…. it is…. a crayon roll!

I love that they are functional, beautiful, simple, and portable. The fabric combinations are endless. They can be made to match a bag or a journal. They can be made for crayons, markers, or colored pencils… and they won’t fall apart like those ugly paper boxes. I think they’re perfect for kids, teachers and artists. And they may end up in every stocking I have to stuff this Christmas!

The inside holds each crayon in an individual pocket:

The outside is as simple or extravagant as the chosen fabric:

And all rolled up, I think it’s perfect!

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4 Comments to “Help! I can’t stop…”

  1. ummm….adorable!! i think you should sell them and i think i’ll buy one!! (or maybe three as is the case in my family lately!)

  2. Did you get a pattern to make that? Or are you just a genius?

    Oh, and the hairbows, how did you learn to make those?

  3. I am so not a genius! I saw one online somewhere and eventually found instructions.
    The hairbow making is all thanks to Heather Souders and online tutorials.

  4. So cute, be careful, soon you might be churning your own butter! That seems to be the running joke around here! Love your craftiness though!

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