Moving On Up

We’re moving to a house soon and I’m ready… not ready in the packed boxes sense, but ready in the emotional sense. We aren’t looking forward to moving 3 couches and a 300+ lb armoire, but I’ve decided the following outweigh the furniture:

1. Parking directly beside or in front of our house.

2. Having an extra room to accumulate guests or stuff.

3. Not hearing the upstair neighbor’s high heels through the ceiling.

4. Walking to the library, park, Matt’s work, and Keri’s house.

5. Hardwood floors.

6. Using the TWU campus as our personal playground.

7. Letting Abby run out the back door without worrying about cars.

8. Sharing walls only with people I love.

9. Not needing to find parking for the jazz festival.

10. Sitting on the front porch and enjoying Denton.

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2 Comments to “Moving On Up”

  1. i’m so soo jealous!

  2. I’m so excited!

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