I love what I love

Yesterday was spent at the new house unpacking kitchen boxes and loading the countertops with all the crystal and china that had been so carefully bubble wrapped and stored over the past 7 months.

After putting it all on a top shelf, higher than Abby will ever be able to climb, it was time to find the perfect place for my candy bowl. No fancy laser etching. No brand name stamped on the bottom. Nothing to make a robber think it worthy. And yet it is priceless to me- it was my great grandfather’s.

I distinctly remember walking into his tiny little house and being amazed that the bowl was once again full. Must be some fancy candy to make such an impact, right? Nope.

Nothing rare or exotic or even chocolate. It was eternally filled with simple peppermints. And I loved it. I loved seeing it in his home. I loved that he would set it down on my level when I visited and that he trusted me enough to lift the heavy glass lid off and get my own.

And after Pa passed away, I loved that it didn’t get tossed out. In fact, it earned a place of honor at Granny’s house. I feel unbelievably priveledged that it is now part of my home.

So after unpacking all the crystal yesterday, I found the most reinforced cabinet in the kitchen and centered the candy bowl directly on top of a beam- just in case the kitchen were ever to suddenly collapse.

If you bought us special dishes for our wedding- I promise we love and appreciate them! But we’ve only had them for 6 years… not nearly as long as I’ve known my bowl.


One Comment to “I love what I love”

  1. I’m so glad you have the candy bowl to bring back ‘sweet’ memories! You were just about Abby’s age when you met up with Pa and the candy bowl. You gave him hours of entertainment, just as Abby does for her grandparents.

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