Mother’s Intuition

I’ve been thinking about Mary and Elizabeth lately. They were both blessed with miraculous pregnancies. They both gave birth to sons who even before conception were named by angels. They birthed the Messiah and the man who ran before Him, declaring the good news. And these two women, these two relatives, these two first time moms, spent three months together while they were both pregnant. I wish we knew more of that time. I can’t help but wonder about Mary and Elizabeth’s state of mind.

I keep thinking, we all hope the best for our children, right? We all want them to be happy and loved and successful and generous and smart. And we don’t want to even imagine anyone hurting them. We talk about protecting our children like lionesses. We joke about what we’ll do to the boy or girl that breaks their heart. How did Mary and Elizabeth deal with those feelings? Their love for their babies, just because they were their own, must have caused the same emotions and I can only imagine that their love for the Lord amplified them. But did they feel as though they needed to protect Jesus and John?

How must Mary and Elizabeth have reacted when they learned that their sons were killed because people actually requested their deaths? Because government rulers, who did not want to kill them, were too prideful and too afraid to say no when it was asked.

I just wonder if while spending those three months rejoicing together, Mary and Elizabeth had any idea of the pain to come?


One Comment to “Mother’s Intuition”

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