New Year. Same Story.

The days between Christmas and New Year’s are some of my least favorite of the year. It’s right after we finish opening presents that I have a panic attack. I know I only have 1 week left to make a New Year’s resolution and I want my resolution to be perfect… not so difficult that it’s impossible, not so easy that it doesn’t require work. I don’t want it to be a fitness goal because honestly I’m not motivated to get in shape when I know there are at least 2 more months of baggy clothes weather. I don’t want it to be a nutrition goal because I know Christmas candy is at least 50% off. I don’t want to make a financial goal because as long as we have food on the table and aren’t in debt I don’t care too much about the green stuff.

So what do I end up resolving? Nothing. That’s right- I never make a New Year’s resolution. I think there are enough other times in the year that I resolve to change things: my birthday, the first time I put on a swimsuit, each time we go on vacation, whenever I pay a bill late, every July when I see all those academic calendars on sale and think, “this will be the year I use a calendar. I will faithfully carry it with me, write in it and consult it,” and then 5 weeks later when I find the same calendar in the backseat of the car covered in a thick layer of lint and cheerio dust. These events are what make me want to get my life in order. Not the fact that it happens to be the last day of December.

To those of you who make resolutions and are brave enough to speak them aloud, I applaud you. It doesn’t matter whether you keep the resolution or not… in my eyes, you are already amazing.


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