Entering a New Phase

I discovered a new challenge while trying to take a family photo. It is always hard to get a shot when Abby is not talking or moving, but now she is apparently using the camera for her own personal amusement. Using each photo shoot as a chance to surprise us with new expressions. And I have no idea what I’m going to get until I review the photos. See for yourself (and the one with her eyes closed is not just bad timing- she intentionally left them closed and told me those were her “sleepy eyes”):

So in the future there are probably going to be more “abstract” pictures of Abby… at least until she stops being such a comedian or I figure out how to outsmart her.

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2 Comments to “Entering a New Phase”

  1. what a kid!

  2. Such a pretty girl! 🙂 I always love your blogs! And I love your front room with the Christmas tree–so pretty…looks like a cute house! Lets get together again soon!

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