Finding Our Rhythm

The start of a new calendar year doesn’t have as much of an effect on our family as a new semester. So with my class starting up next week, I’m trying to get a much needed routine going in our home. Part of the routine needs to include creative time for me so that I don’t go crazy. I tend to hop from project to project but I always fall back on photography, so that’s what I’m putting on the schedule. Blogging didn’t make the cut so I can’t promise that pictures will be posted in a timely manner, but they’ll show up eventually.

Here are two random photos just so that I can feel accomplished today.
A few sunbathing turtles… what else would a turtle do on a 70 degree day in January?

And have I ever posted a picture of the 3 of us? They happen rarely. Here we are in our presents from Oregon… true hippie shirts made by people living the dream… I’m so happy Matt humored me and let us all dress alike!

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2 Comments to “Finding Our Rhythm”

  1. I do love the shirts! And the turtles! If I was a turtle on a 70-degree January day I would be sun bathing, too! :o)

  2. nice. those shirts are hilarious!

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