Being A Mom Changes Everything!

It has been “icy” here the past few days (it’s in quotes because about 30 of the past 48 hours were only icy in the weatherman’s mind). And, as any person who has spent even a few days of the winter with me knows, when it’s cold my plan of action is to hibernate. Not joking. I’d prefer to sleep through the cold weather. And when I can’t sleep for another minute, I just want to stay under the blankets and read.

Surprise, surprise, my sweet little 2 year old doesn’t find hibernation to be a reasonable option this winter. So the only thing I can think to do, to stay awake and indoors, is bake. As I’ve made both cheescake brownies and cinnamon streusel muffins within the last 12 hours, this baking is a troubling alternative. I need the weather to warm up before I eat so much that I can’t fit through my door.


3 Comments to “Being A Mom Changes Everything!”

  1. and baking warms up the kitchen!

  2. this is why I don’t bake…because I eat everything I bake. No one else gets much because I eat it all!!!

  3. Cheesecake brownies? What the heck! At our house it basically stays cheesecake brownie batter until it’s gone! I know, I know, it’s a little gross.

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