Crazy Kid

Most of you think Abby is a cute, sweet, calm child. You even think her birthday songs are just quirky. As much as we tell you otherwise, you refuse to believe us when we say she is often crazy. Oh sure, she does a great job of staying calm in public but she’s faking you guys out. We know it. She knows it. It’s about time you know it.

Last night Matt and I decided to get some proof that she’s slightly off. So here is about 2 minutes of the 30+ minute routine that happened in our living room. Totally on her own. No provoking or leading. No interaction of any type in fact. Just pure untainted Abby.

If I have a few free hours, I’ll try to transcribe it for those of you who don’t speak Abbyguese. But I can tell you that yes, she is saying “Please don’t take it personally, but I am scared of you.” Phrase courtesy of a Halloween Backyardigans from 3 months ago. The rest of the song, “When I’m knocking on the door…” is all her own composition.

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2 Comments to “Crazy Kid”

  1. Enjoy every minute of her high-energy time.
    It’s a shame you can’t bottle that energy to be used at a later date, like about 13 years from now. She’ll run out of steam and will go into a form of hibernation, or some kind of reverse time thing where she comes to about 4 in the afternoon and hoots all night.

  2. haha!!!! i love it…we should put abby and ian in a room together with a guitar and microphone and hidden camera…we could make millions off their music!!! 🙂

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