Life with Abby

This morning our darling child chose to wake up at 5 am. I say chose because since she did not go to bed until 10 last night, there’s no way she woke up unintentionally. After trying to convince her that snuggling in the dark is a good thing, and that no, we can not read a dinosaur book when the sun is still sleeping, she went clomping around the house on her own. And yes, we let her. Because we’ve reached the point where we are willing to rid our house of anything nice, or economical baby-proofing as I like to think of it, so that she can roam free while we drift in and out of consciousness. As I tried to make just one eyelid lift a fraction of a centimeter, I heard Abby stomp through part of the house and say very loudly, “Oh! That’s the stinky part! Lets take the other path.” Did I jump out of bed to identify the “stinky” issue she’d found? Was I concerned about my child spending time alone near an unknown substance? Nope. All I did was shut my eye (only one was opening anyway) and think, “Stinky?! There’s something stinky out there? I am absolutely not getting out of bed now. No way.”

Just wanted to let you know that I’m removing my name from the mom of the year race. And for those of you who are concerned about the stink, it turned out to be a tiny piece of avocado that had fallen on the floor. Definitely not a reason to get out of bed.


2 Comments to “Life with Abby”

  1. Love it…we can both be out of the race together! I agree, good job not getting out of bed. I have walked in on Levi with the whole tube of lotion smeared on his body. so it’s all good. We are in this together girl!

  2. It’s especially nice when they start finding breakfast for themselves!

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