Field Trip!

Today was a great day for the zoo. So we packed up and headed to the animals. Well, two of the animals were traveling with us. Here are a few highlights:

Both Cate and Abby were happy to see the swans.

This sleepy bear seemed to be Cate’s favorite.

A lion cub made Keri and me pretty happy. Look how fluffy and soft he looks! And yes, he is chewing a bone.

Cate seemed to be on the lookout when we were near birds. Totally understandable.

Abby and I absolutely loved watching this otter shoot through the water. (Ha! a rhyme!)

This pink guy was used as bait to get Abby near the exit. As in, “Let’s go see the flamingos!”

And apparently being pushed around in a stroller is exhausting.

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2 Comments to “Field Trip!”

  1. always beware of birds……

  2. That would have been a good day for the zoo…weather was amazing! I like that pic of the flamingo…pretty!

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