Taste Buds

Abby awoke from her nap today and happened to notice a can of Pringles beside me on the couch. In case you are unaware, my child is a chip eating fool. She really can’t eat just one. In fact, she always requests them in sets of three.

The only problem with her loving chips is that I love chips more. I try to eat them secretly but Abby always finds me. I’ll be pretending to put clothes away in my closet, with the light off, and suddenly the door will fly open and there will be that little face. And with the face comes the words, “Mommy, I want three chips please.” And to add insult to injury, she sticks out her tiny hand and shows me three perfect fingers.

But today I may have found the solution to my problem. You see, I bought Salt & Vinegar chips this time.

When Abby’s eyes lit on that beautiful blue can, I selflessly said, “Mommy would give you a chip, but you won’t like that type.”

She looked up at me with a face that clearly said, “I wasn’t born yesterday,” and proceeded to pop the top.

Oh, I was nervous. I was fearful that Abby might eat them just to spite me. I was sweating it as she peeled back the paper that I’d left slightly attached. Drops of sweat beaded across my head when she peeked into the container.

But the moment I saw the aroma hit her nose, a smile burst across my face! She physically moved away from the can. Her eyes watered slightly. And best of all, she yelled, “YUCK!” as she hurried to replace the lid.

Sharing is sometimes overrated.

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