Facebook Overload

UNT just sent out an alumni email. The reason for the email? To let us all know that, “Starting today, you can receive your University of North Texas exclusive announcements, browse career and networking opportunities without ever leaving Facebook.”

Everyone catch that? The without ever leaving Facebook part?!

I’m a fan of Facebook. I’ve wasted plenty of time there. I’ve reconnected with old friends. I’ve seen where old boyfriends are now and felt glad that I’m not with them. And I’ve pretended to know people just to up the friend count on my profile.

But after a few hours, I’ve always left Facebook. I didn’t know there was an option to stay there forever.

This announcement makes me feel that Facebook has lost a little of its coolness. It’s like running into your parents at your favorite high school hang out. If only the establishment was more selective. But then, I probably wouldn’t have gotten in either.


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