Loving Denton

I have no idea how we lived in a place that was so unlike Denton for so long. Even if you took away all the coffee shops (where I love to go and ask them to make something that doesn’t actually taste like coffee) and all the strange people (like the guy who rides the super tall bicycle- it’s like 7 feet tall- how does he do that?!) and you made Denton boring, I’d still love it more than where we used to live.

And the reason is very simple: because I can walk places.

That’s right, I’m a walker.

We used to go for walks only as a means of exercise. But the ridiculous thing is that once we were done walking, we’d get in the car and drive somewhere to eat or shop or relax!

In Denton, walking is something else. It’s just a part of the day. We walk to the library, the park, the store, work, and restaurants. And I love that we aren’t the only ones. That we actually pass our friends on the sidewalks around town.

I don’t know, there’s just something about not putting on athletic shoes to go for a walk that makes life a little bit better.

Thank you Denton.


2 Comments to “Loving Denton”

  1. There are so many things we miss about Denton and this made me miss them more. I love that community feeling and everything being connected. Sounds like you guys are taking advantage of it’s best characteristics…

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