School Veto

I’m considering never sending Abby to school. I’m not thinking about homeschool either. Basically, I just want to prevent her from learning a few things.

You might think I’m trying to protect her from learning four-letter words or having her feelings hurt. Nope- that would be too selfless. This is all about me.

If you could take the following things into account before you spend time with us, I’d appreciate it.

I love that Abby says “deliveries” instead of “mail”. That to her “oatmeal” is pronounced “e-milk”. That she says “headfore” instead of “forehead”. And that she screams “cactus fingers!” whenever her hands get wrinkly from being in the bath too long. I don’t want anyone to tell her that we live on planet “earth” and not “earf”, and please, I’m begging you, don’t teach her that it’s “bubblegum” and not “bubbledum”.


One Comment to “School Veto”

  1. I second your motion to veto school. As if you need a second for something like a veto anyway.

    I hope Aliza never learns that a mouse is not a Mitch.

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