American Idol Recap- Top 36 Round 3

Because of my “After the Rose Ceremony 2” mental breakdown last night, I didn’t watch Idol until this morning. Meaning I can not complain about what happens tonight since I didn’t vote.

While I understand that, know that I will complain if it doesn’t go my way. Here’s my recap:

Von Smith- “You’re All I Need To Get By”- anyone else immediately think he looks like he belongs on the set of Miami Vice? His voice slightly reminds me of Robin Thicke. And in my world that isn’t a compliment.

Taylor Vaifanua- “If I Ain’t Got You”- she has a nice soft voice and can still hit powerful notes, not many of the contestants seem able to do that. I’m glad she sang a song that came out during her lifetime. She does not seem 17, not in song or looks, she just seems much older.

Alex Wagner-Truman- “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues”- spunky, goofy, and yet there’s something fun about him. The song started out fine but then it went a little crazy.  He’s young and obviously doesn’t know who he is yet, but I think it’d be fun to see him try to figure it out. Judges were way too harsh.

***Can I just interject what I find most annoying so far this season? The microphone. Has anyone else noticed it? (Can you not notice it?!) It seems very shiny, almost although it has been bedazzled. I hate it. Done ranting now.

Arianna Afsar- “The Winner Takes It All”- Abba? Is this just because she saw “Mamma Mia” last summer? She has a good voice. The last note sounded like a scream. It seemed very much like a pageant performance.

Ju’Not Joyner- “Hey There Delilah”- while I’m impressed that he attempted such a current, well-known song, there’s a reason that it was at the top of the charts. This feels like a cheesy, turn the lights down and the candles up version. That being said, I think he’s better with the higher notes and he didn’t really show that tonight. I hope he gets another shot to blow us away.

Kristen McNamara- “Give Me One Reason”- this song always makes me think of jeans and cowboy boots. Not flirty summer dresses. I like the smoky sound of her voice. I really like it.

Nathaniel Marshall- “I Would Do Anything For Love”- hmmm. very much like a drag show or a workout video. If he was wearing leg warmers the image would be complete. How did he get this far? It sounded horrible to me. Meatloaf- 1. Nathaniel- 0. And I can’t handle hearing “touching people with music” one more time.

Felicia Barton- “No One”- she looks like she belongs on a stage. She looks like Nelly Furtado It sounds good. Not amazing, but good. Better than most of the girls.

Scott MacIntyre- “Mandolin Rain”- he might be better with an instrument. He has a good voice, but I don’t think he’s contemporary. He reminds me of Taylor Hicks and the old soul thing. Abby just asked me, “Mommy, do I love Scott?” Good question kid… I’m asking the same thing.

Kendall Beard- “This One’s For The Girls”- oh, I wanted to like the country girl from Texas. But I didn’t. She sounds flat nearly the whole way through. Or shrieky. Neither good.

Jorge Nunez- “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”- so tired of hearing this song. We’ve heard it every season. That’s about 8 times too many. He sounds like he’s always a half note off key. It’s just blah to me. Paula just gave him a standing ovation. Maybe there’s something wrong with my tv speakers. Oh no, both girls are crying. And he’s crying.

Lil Rounds- “Be Without You”- I think it’s so refreshing to hear this song. Thank you Lil for not singing a slow, boring ballad. I don’t think her voice is the best of the night, but I think she deserves to go through. If only because she is different.

So- my choice for tonights top 3- Lil Rounds, Felicia Barton, and a toss up between Ju’Not Joyner and Kristen McNamara.


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