As I was reading a book at home tonight, I suddenly flashed back to when I was a kid. Does that happen to anyone else? Out of nowhere a memory overtakes you?

I remember spending time at my grandparent’s house.¬† It always seemed like the days were twice as long when I was there, and not in a bad way. There was plenty of time to take a leisurely nap, stroll around in the yard, play a game of cards, and read a book. And after all of that, there was still enough time to sit in the kitchen and talk.

Of course, the memory tonight is about books. I remember going to the bookshelves and picking out a Reader’s Digest Condensed book.

I loved those books. Loved the gold lines on the binding. Loved the promise of one book holding countless stories. Loved that they were only available in hardback. Loved sitting in an old chair in front of the window with the sunshine warming me and the book in my lap. Loved not reading the stories in order.

Funny how the way I spent a few hours of my time two decades ago can feel so real and comforting now.


One Comment to “daydreaming”

  1. That random thought that triggered your memory is the basis of most, if not all, memory improvement techniques. Subconsciously you had formed an association between your childhood event and something (smell in bookstore, particular book, chair or combination of different things) at that particular time. All we need to do now is somehow harness this power and consciously form the associations, thus improving memory.

    In any event, it happens to me from time to time and I don’t mind daydreaming about it (the pleasant memories that is).

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