Are you kidding me- Scott and Jorge both made it to the top 12? Do the people voting this year only listen to music as a way to fall asleep?

Oh no. I made the mistake of beginning this post before I finished watching the wild card picks.

Did my ears deceive me? Nope. After replaying it 3 times I have to assume that I heard correctly. Let me just grab a tissue to wipe away the blood flowing out of them.

Tatiana is back in the running.

I’ve had nightmares that were less disturbing than seeing her weeping yet again.

Done. So done with Tatiana. I can only hope that the producers forced this hand. Obviously Paula has been a lost cause for years now, but I was holding out hope for the others. Surely they can’t enjoy high ratings enough to willingly watch a train wreck like Tatiana live, can they?


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