American Idol- The Wild Card

Jesse- I’m going to be honest, I can’t understand half the words she’s singing. They all kind of run together. But I’m a big fan of the backup singers. She has an interesting voice, I just don’t think she’ll go too far.

Matt- thank goodness he got another shot! What a great performance. All I can say is that he’s going to tear the house down when they allow the instruments. Give the guy a piano!

Megan- the question on my mind, “Will she do the butt shake tonight?” If you don’t know what the butt shake is, watch her performance from last week. OH NO- she’s doing it! Stop it. For the love of all things holy, please stop doing the playboy bunny twist. Stop it right now. She’s like a little girl who can’t stop lifting up her dress. McPhee did a much better rendition of this song. I can’t even pretend to be listening, all I’m doing is avoiding watching her dance moves.

Von- his hair looks like it belongs on Zack Morris. The song seems very boring. Very bland. He seems old and like I should be listening to him in a smoky bar with low lights. I’m not a fan.

Jasmine-I find it fitting she picked a Disney song. Seems like she’d be wonderful on a Disney show or movie. She has a beautiful voice but there’s nothing about her that makes me feel she’s my American Idol. I think I may have a personal bias against 16 year olds though… just seems like they’re too young to be the idol. I say give it to someone who is old enough to have pounded a little pavement on their own before coming to reality tv. Someone who understands this may be their last chance, not their first.

Ricky- I didn’t even remember this guy. Did they sneak him in off the street? He has better stage presence than most of the kids and a good voice. My socks weren’t knocked off though. Maybe it was the song choice… are these people forced to sing from a 1990s karaoke set list?

Tatiana- ugh. How can anyone be so dramatic? Or wear so many sequins? It’s sad to me that she can actually sing. If that voice was in a body that has a brain and half a quarter of the emotions, then she might have had a chance.

Anoop- There’s something about this guy that I like. He has an attitude. An energy. I’m a fan. It’s my prerogative. What is it about him that makes me think of Zack Braff- the eyes or the smile? I don’t know, but there’s something. And he absolutely has a better voice than the oil rigger that made it through. Plus, it’s just fun to say his name.

So now for the results…

Jasmine- Okay an obvious gimme for the younger audience.

Megan- I do love her voice and I think she deserves it. I just want her to sing in a straight jacket next time.

(Why is Tatiana on the floor in front of the judges? Who are her parents? What did they do to encourage her dramatic tendencies? How can I prevent that from happening with Abby?!)

Matt- excellent. Brilliant. Thank you judges for seeing the light that American didn’t.

Anoop- hooray!!!! I’m going to write some snazzy Anoop slogans and make tshirts. Let me know if you want one!

Hmm… after this, I feel the same as every season: that without the judges choosing a few of the final contestants, the show wouldn’t be nearly as good. As much as I complain about Paula’s excessive drinking clapping, Simon’s chest hair, and Randy’s repetitive barking (I have yet to have anything against Kara), the judges do know a little about who can sing.

And when not overwhelmed by the desire for train wreck ratings, they do a good job of sorting the great from the average.


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