Time Change Ridiculousness

Here’s the truth of the matter- I despise the annual time change. And the first clock manipulation of the year is really where my hatred is directed.

First off, we have to “spring forward” an hour. I immediately resent the fact that it’s made to sound fun. Like “springing” is something we should do joyously. Ha! It’s just a verbal trick to mask the fact that we’re losing an hour of sleep. And let’s be honest, I don’t have an hour to lose. I don’t have a minute to spare. In fact, if anyone has an abundance of time, I’m buying.

Secondly, there’s the whole “run around your house trying to find and change every clock” fiasco. And there’s always one clock left behind. One little time keeper that doesn’t get noticed until you get a phone call from the school saying, “We’re about to miss happy hour because you have yet to pick up your child. Will you be here soon?”

Thirdly, I really don’t appreciate waking up in the morning and it being pitch black outside. Not when I’m a firm believer in working the same shift as the sun.

I realize that this comes around every year. I still hate it. I rebel. Arizona and Hawaii don’t even participate in this stupid ritual. Why should I?

I try and stick it to the man in my own little way. How? I never change my watch.

That’s right- for all 12 months of the year, my watch follows the same military time format. It doesn’t spring anywhere. There’s no falling back necessary. It just keeps time.

I would rather mentally add an hour than push those buttons twice a year.

And I’m not going to lie to you. It makes me more than a little bit giddy when someone glances at my watch and has a mini panic attack that they’re not on time.

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2 Responses to “Time Change Ridiculousness”

  1. and that my friend is a funny post :o)


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