30 Things. Two Years.

I know a few friends who have done this and I’m following suit. I’ve made a list of 30 things I’d like to accomplish before I’m 30. A bucket list for my 20s if you will.

And yes, I’m only 28. But since I’m a procrastinator, I thought I better give myself more than a year to accomplish them all!

1. Write a story. Short, long, fiction, nonfiction. Doesn’t matter. As long as I start and finish a piece of writing.

2. Submit photos to a photography contest.

3. Run a half marathon. Run, not walk.

4. Make a photobook full of pictures of Matt and me.

5. Go camping. Real, in a tent, no electricity camping. It has been a long time and I miss it.

6. Paint a picture. Who cares what the subject is, I want to paint something other than a wall.

7. Frame and hang photos. I’m horrible about framing photographs. No one who enters our house knows who lives there. Unless they look at the pics on the computer.

8. Visit Dallas museums. I’ve never been to the JFK museum or any of the other Dallas museums and I’ve lived here a long time.

9. Volunteer with a local charity. I want to get involved with something that is not directly tied to the church.

10. Make a new quilt. It has been a while since I’ve quilted. I need a new quilt and I have more than enough fabric to get the job done.

11. Experience more live music. I listen to music all the time but I rarely go to shows anymore. I want to get back into the habit of going to coffee shops, bars, venues, wherever and hear some live music that hasn’t been digitally enhanced.

12. Start journaling. I have lots of empty journals. Beautiful journals with nothing inside. I want to put pen to paper but I think fear gets in my way. I’m afraid of ruining those beautiful journals with meaningless words.

13. Read a book of the Bible for each novel I read. I read a lot of books. And I think I should be putting as much God-ordained information into my head as worldly works. So after I read a novel, I’m going to try and read a book of the Bible. It seems like it might work better for me than any “reading plan” ever will.

14. Eat at a fancy restaurant where I don’t understand the menu. I’d like to go somewhere and eat some of the stuff that I watch being made on Top Chef.

15. Visit a new beach. I love beaches. I want to see as many as I can.

16. Explore a new state. I’ve covered a lot of the south, mid, and west USA but with the exception of Virginia I haven’t seen any of the east coast and I’m certain I’m missing out.

17. Throw more parties. I don’t care what the reason is: birthdays, holidays, first Saturday of the month… doesn’t matter. Just get our friends together more often.

18. Make more gifts. For me gifts are just so much more personal and intentional when they’re made.

19. Do more holiday and seasonal crafts with Abby. Matt’s so much better at the arts than I am, but surely I can do finger paintings, right?

20. Quit worrying what other people think of me. I swear, in my head, it’s like I’m still in junior high.

21. Stop hiding from the camera. I realize that if I don’t find a way to actually be in a photograph instead of only taking them, there will be no proof that I was ever young… well, youngish.

22. Spend more time outdoors. It is very easy to get trapped inside for the majority of the day and I just need to make it a point to open the door and get out there.

23. Use coupons. They’re there and they save money, but I don’t use them enough.

24. Be intentional about having date nights with Matt. We let life get in the way and then we feel like we haven’t seen each other in months.

25. Eat healthier. Not salad, just healthier.

26. Go to the doctor for a checkup and a physical. I don’t think I’ve ever had a physical. I’d like to know how I’m doing before I get sick.

27. Patience. I need more.

28. Read the newspaper on a regular basis. I don’t want to watch any more tv than I already do, but I want to know what is going on in the world.

29. See a tv show being filmed. Preferably Letterman but I’m willing to negotiate.

30. Take a class for fun. I don’t know what type of class- pottery, photography, dance- just something I’d enjoy without worrying about what grade I get.

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