Spring Cleaning

I remember hitting the “nesting” phase when I was pregnant with Abby. I cleaned, organized, and decorated like a mad woman.

The peak of crazy was when I opened the linen closet and began pulling all of the folded towels, sheets, and blankets onto the floor. Why? Because I felt they could be folded better! Matt could not believe how ridiculous I was acting. And there were no words to explain it, it was pure emotion.

I’m not nesting now (as I am definitely not about to have a baby), but I am experiencing a cleaning phase. It isn’t the typical vacuum and dust sort of thing though. More than that, I have this overwhelming urge to get rid of useless stuff. To throw away, donate, or sell. An eagerness to rid our home of everything but bare bones and then start again.

Some people could attribute it to the spring cleaning phenomenon, but I think it goes deeper than that.

So far, 2009 has been a year of reflection and change for me. I’ve spent time learning who I am and why, and more importantly, making changes so that I can become who I want to be.

My biggest desire is for an overwhelming sense of peace. I want to know that feeling, that comfort, of being completely at peace with myself and my life.

And the word that keeps coming back to me is simplify. Not only with physical stuff, but with relationships and the lifestyle I’m living. To simplify my plans and my worries, to simplify my wants and my prayers.

All of this to explain that the following Chuck Swindoll quote hit me hard when I read it this morning:

“To reorder one’s own world, the need to simplify is imperative. Otherwise, we will find ourselves unable to be at rest within, unable to enter the deep, silent recesses of our hearts, where God’s best messages are communicated. And if we live very long in that condition, our hearts grow cold toward Christ and we become objects of seduction in a wayward world.”

Man, I love when God’s answer is direct.


One Comment to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. Thanks for sharing the quote…needed that.

    We did a major purge session at our house back in January. Same sort of thing your talking about…we started with the physical so we could then move to the spiritual, emotional, etc. All in an effort to simplify.

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