Abby’s Room

I’m worried that we have done something wrong. I don’t know whether nature or nurture has turned against us but I’m guessing it’s in the genes because none of the parenting books I’ve consulted have helped.

All I know is that every night we put our child to bed. And every night we have to go back into her room at least once and often three to five times. Why? To stop the screams of “Can I PLEASE have a drink?” and “Help! HELP! I’m stuck in here!” or the reverse psychology of “Mommy? Daddy? I’m not doing anything.”

The fact that she’s a night owl isn’t the surprise. We’d both rather stay up late than wake up early. The problem is what we find when we open the door to her room.

You know how you’re always told to “know your enemy”? I don’t know mine. Oh, I’ve spent time studying it, but I’m still completely unprepared for Abby’s room. It takes me by surprise every single time.

In the past we’ve witnessed rearranged furniture, the band-aid explosion, every book taken off the shelf, and Abby in various states of undress.

Last night we opened the door to the magical world of Abby and encountered:

1) the stuffed animal tub empty and a singing dog puppet on her hand (the obvious answer to the “who is singing in the room with Abby” question we’d just been asking ourselves),

2) the drawers of her desk emptied on the floor and her happily decorating her furniture with stickers found in said drawers,

and 3) only being able to open the door halfway because Abby had taken her pillow, blanket, and singing dog and had decided to sleep on the floor. She just needed help tucking herself into the hardwoods.

Can anyone help? Putting her back into a crib is not an option as she just climbs to the top and perches like a bird (oddly the same way she climbs us when she sees a dog) and according to my research she’s still too small for straight-jackets.

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4 Comments to “Abby’s Room”

  1. If you’re an avid book-reader, you won’t like my suggestion… but is it possible she’s simply not ready for bed yet? I don’t know what time you put her in her room, but maybe that needs delayed another hour or so. There’s no “right” bedtime, it depends on your child. It sounds to me like she has a lot of energy that still needs burned.

    JMO of course. Out of four kids, two of mine were very late-nighters. They simply didn’t need the same amount of sleep as the other two. Worked out well for us.

    • You’re right on two counts- She doesn’t need as much sleep as other kids and I don’t like it!
      We’ve pushed it back and back and back. Left to her own devices she’s awake until at least 10pm and up at 7am.
      I don’t mind her being awake, I’d just like her to not destroy her room while she’s awake! You know- sit and read quietly (that’s the librarian suggestion in me) or play with a few toys in her bed. We tried giving her a little night light to have in her bed but she freaked out about the shadows the light made.

  2. awww… I wish I had better advice, then. I’m a work at home mama and her Daddy and I are both night owls, so my 4 year old just stays up as late as she wants and passes out on the couch (usually around 11 or so)… and gets up whenever she wants. I know the feeling you’re having though… 😦

  3. ok so either…

    1. all 3 year olds do this


    2. abby and owen come from a world of their own because all of that sounds strangely familiar (and we’ve been dealing with it for a year and a half now)

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