American Idol- Top 13

Well, here we go: the official top 12 13! I’m excited about the promise of better outfits, music selection, and the possibility of a piano on stage.

First comment of the night- what is with the huge entrance for Seacrest? Man. I want to know if he even remembers that once upon a time he shared the stage with a guy named Dunkleman?!

They announced that 2 singers will go home tomorrow. Hooray! I could cut 2 without even hearing the performances.

Oh no. They’re starting with a Michael Jackson night? This could kill a few of them. I’m going to go ahead and guess that Adam’s voice is most similar to the gloved one.

Here we go:

Lil Rounds- “The Way You Make Me Feel”- Ah, they started with someone who seems comfortable on stage. I could do without the tissue wreath over her shoulder, but other than that she looks great. I love Lil. I love that she can hit the high notes. It didn’t look or sound like she had any nerves. She deserves to stick around for a long time.

Scott MacIntyre- “Keep The Faith”- and the piano makes its appearance! I think it feels a little like a telethon. He sings well, but I want everyone who loves him to honestly think about whether they’d love him if he was not disabled. It was an okay performance and I think he could be in the top 3 of a piano competition, but I think there are better singers on Idol. (Please don’t say I’m a horrible person for telling the truth!)

Danny Gokey- “PYT”- first off- I’m proud of Idol for not focusing this video clip on him being a widower. Ooh, the beginning of the song made me nervous BUT then he broke out! I just love that he has that raspy voice thing going on. He’s a great performer. I love that he interacted with the judges and it didn’t come across as forced or cheesy. I’ve loved him from the beginning and tonight only reinforced it.

Michael Sarver- “You Are Not Alone”- I’m not going to lie. He is one that I would have sent home without listening to. After hearing him tonight, I admit he deserved a second chance but I still wouldn’t cry if he left. He has a nice, clean voice but I was so bored. I wish he would have picked something fun, something with energy.

Jasmine Murray- “I’ll Be There”- is she wearing some sort of slip/kimono? If you didn’t read my recap of her last week, I direct you there. I don’t deny she has a beautiful voice. She’s young and attractive. But she looks and sounds like she belongs in the next Disney movie, not on the stage of American Idol. I just don’t think she has the personality or stage presence to hold her own in this competition.

***After the last two songs I have to remind myself that it’s supposed to be Michael Jackson night. These are not the tunes that pop into my head when I think of Jacko.

Kris Allen- “Remember The Time”- first guitar appearance. Who is it that he looks like? Maybe it’s Hal Sparks, but I keep thinking it’s some early 90s show actor. Anyway, I had no memory of this guy when he showed up in the finals, but I won’t forget him now! I like the performance and the vocals. He isn’t the strongest in either category, but along with Lil and Danny he looks like he’s having fun. I appreciate that. Because I’m not voting for the next opera singer. And if you know who it is I think he looks like, please tell me!

Allison Iraheta- “Give Into Me”- she sings in a shopping center? I find it interesting that she’s so young and yet she’s the “rocker” chick of the bunch. The rocker who appears to have braces on her bottom teeth. Why don’t they tell her to dress her age like they do with Jasmine? A couple of those low notes sounded painful for her to hit. The rest of the song sounded pretty great but I’m nervous for her. I don’t want to compare her to Cher, but it keeps popping into my head. Oh- she just proved that she’s new to the stage and the public eye with that “cutting” comment.

Anoop Desai- “Beat It”- thank you Anoop for reminding me why there should even be a Michael Jackson night. He can’t touch MJ but I give him credit for not being scared to try. Even though this wasn’t his strongest night, I still think he should be a part of the competition.

Jorge Nunez- “Never Can Say Goodbye”- I know this guy has a lot of you wrapped around his finger, but I immediately feel put off. I don’t know why, I just feel a huge cheesyness pulsating off of him. He does a good job of hitting the high notes but all I want to do is yell “No, no, no!” I feel like this performance, and his clothes, would have fit perfectly in the 70s theme week. My least favorite week of the season.

Megan Joy Corkrey- “Rockin’ Robin”- I paused the show to say a prayer that she wouldn’t do the butt shake tonight. And she started with it. Prayer line was obviously busy. I hate that I love her voice and yet I can’t handle watching her perform. Seriously, doesn’t anyone else think it could turn into a striptease at any moment? I want them to offer her a CD deal. In exchange for never dancing again. I would love to listen to her but I can’t watch. Oh no. She just cawed like a bird. I’m out.

Adam Lambert- “Black or White”- yep, his voice and personality fit Jackson perfectly. I don’t think the musical theater world could be better represented. He has a really great voice. A high voice, but a great high voice. He obviously belongs on a stage, but I’m nervous he won’t be able to sing as well with future themes. Let’s hope he’s as good with his song choices as he is with his hair product.

Matt Giraud- “Human Nature”- I am so happy the piano is allowed! He seems to have the Justin Timberlake jacket/scruff combo happening. This guy belongs here. He’s comfortable on stage. He’s musically gifted. He can hit low and high notes. It’s the first slower song of the evening that wasn’t boring. I really like his voice. He’s bringing sexy back.

Alexis Grace- “Dirty Diana”- of the two contestants with pink hair, Alexis is my favorite. Every time she starts singing all I can think is, “Such a huge voice for someone so little!” I think she’s a good performer. I think she screamed just a little bit but at least I didn’t want to fast forward or take a nap. She may not be wearing leather but she’s my pick for girl rocker of the night.

There are several that need to go before I think the contest gets serious but I’m excited to see which go tomorrow. At least they won’t be the “first” to leave the show… they’ll have each other!


5 Comments to “American Idol- Top 13”

  1. Let’s hope he’s as good with his song choices as he is with his hair product.

    *Snort* Good one!

  2. We share our name! Everyone dreams of us, you know…heehee

    Very good recap…I agreed and giggled, too…(hair product)


  3. I’m visiting from BooMama’s! Hello!

    And, please tell me why I laughed for a solid 2 minutes over ‘the gloved one’?

    I’m thinking tomorrow it’ll be Anoop and someone. Unless Anoop turns into another Sanjaya, except with thick 80s hair.

  4. Over from BooMama’s – Hi!

    It’s Corey Haim that Kris looks like. When he’s singing sometime. Cause he’s kinda cute when he’s not doing that funny monkey mouth. Google him (Corey). I saw it too!!!!!

  5. ok…. im not as advanced in my analysis as you are yet, but heres my two cents.

    girl with ridiculous name – mediocre and cant get past her awful haircut
    blind guy – snoozeville.
    guy with guitar – died of cuteness. put that smile on a billboard stat
    oddly sexy expatriate – fell asleep twice
    guy who sang black or white – fully in love, want his body
    rocker tattoo sleeve chick – worst song choice possible but theres still something about her that i love
    guy on piano – love love love that song and he did alright
    anoop – love him because his names anoop and i have a strange attraction to indian men
    the rest – forgettable

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