The Blackmail Files

This one is going straight in the Abby file. To be saved for a later date- most likely when she is a teenager with an attitude and a boyfriend.

The back story: the other night Abby’s hands were freezing cold so Matt wrapped them in his own, told her he’d warm them up, and breathed on them.

Jump to tonight: I look over and see my sweet child with her thumb in one nostril and her pointer finger in the other nostril. I immediately began the standard speech, “Abby- don’t put your fingers in…” only to be cut off by her sudden and loud, “No, Mommy! My fingers are not in my nose! I’m just warming them up.”

Yep. My kid technically didn’t have her fingers in or up her nose. They were firmly planted just outside of the nostrils. And she was doing an awesome job exhaling through her nose to get the warm air out.

I am impressed by her understanding of the invisible nasal line that is not to be crossed.

Wish I had a picture but I was laughing too hard to even reach for the camera.


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