American Idol- Top 13 Results

Thank you America.

You’ve sent home the Disney princess (Jasmine) and the cheesy lounge singer (Jorge).

After another 3 or 4 weeks of eliminations, we should have a really great singing contest on our hands!

As for the new rule that the judges can save 1 person, I like it. I like that the choice has to be unanimous, I like that they can only do it once, and I like that it can’t happen during the last 5 rounds.

I think that more than once in the past there has been a contestant who was so great we, as voters, have thought, “I don’t need to vote- he/she’s a shoo-in.” And then we, as non-voters, have sat with our jaws on the floor as our favorite singer went home. Hopefully the judges will be smart in using their “save.”

On another topic- last night’s guest performances- in my opinion Kanye didn’t sound so hot. I’m not the biggest fan of his music (I’m not even a little fan of him as a person) but I do enjoy some of his songs. Just not last night’s performance. On the flip side- I love Kelly Clarkson. I don’t own a single cd of hers but every time I see her perform it makes me smile. I really think she was the perfect “original” American Idol.


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