Living In Texas

Texas has its perks: abundance of bbq and tex-mex food, affordable housing, a big open sky, and friendly residents.  And while I know there are plenty of people who think the weather here should also be placed in the pro column, today I disagree.

You see, last week we were enjoying picnics, the zoo, the botanical gardens, and walks in the park. The temperature was in the 70s and often in the 80s. There was a pleasant breeze and I didn’t feel as though I was personally being attacked by pollen ninjas.

Flowers were blooming, birds were chirping, and I declared the beginning of spring!

I blame myself. I was too hopeful. I took advantage of the situation. I teased people (family) who live in other states. I did my end of winter dance in public. I got cocky.

Now we are trapped indoors. The weather outside is disgusting. It’s rainy and cold and damp and cold and overcast and cold. And while we were fine with this weather a month ago, we’ve since tasted freedom.

There are only so many games of memory and candyland and go fish that a sane person can play. We’ve colored and cut paper until our floor was covered in confetti. We’ve read books and taken bubble baths. We’ve played indoor soccer. We’ve memorized Noggin’s schedule. We’ve napped. We’ve eaten.

All we have left to do is stare out the window.

Spring-please come back. I promise not to gloat. I’ll keep my happiness to myself.


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